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Technical translation, photography, printing &, illustrations and signage – our services

Even after completing the CE certification procedure, the process is far from complete. We’d be happy to assist you in additional phases too!

Alongside consultancy in the area of functional safety and editorial services, we also offer a host of useful services in the areas of illustration, photography and signage. We can liven up your technical documentation with suitable photos or illustrations, enhancing further the comprehensibility of your assembly and operating instructions.

Prior to commissioning, a hazard assessment must be performed according to the German Occupational Safety and Health Act and instructions compiled on operating the equipment. Our safety engineers would be happy to perform this service for you.

If you are unable to find certain CE services or need another service – get in touch. We can provide useful advice on all CE labelling topics.

Overview of services

Would you like your company CI machined onto your product in a suitable location as a steel part? Or do you want to place information on the product for users and need a permanently attached name plate?

Etched aluminium, milled plastic or film, what about colour?

We would be happy to create signage for you tailored entirely to your needs and specification.

When it comes to accurately translating a process, you need more than just a dictionary. To ensure that your documents can be readily understood by non-native speakers too, we translate your documentation into any language you require or commission a third party provider to do so.

Not only do we value linguistic quality in this regard, technical expertise is also a primary concern. All of our translators therefore have a technical background, often degree-educated in a technical discipline.

To prevent misunderstandings in your documentation from the outset, we are happy to lend assistance and produce the appropriate terminology together with you as required.

We can offer you a fixed price package based on the number of words or pages or by viewing your documents.

Our extensive experience in providing images for documentation has enabled us to develop a keen eye for key information. Are you lacking expressive and descriptive photography in your documentation? We’d be more than happy to pay a visit to enhance your documentation quality with effective photography and detailed imagery.

If required, we can also readily supply photography that you can use to redesign e.g. your sales brochures or website.

Do you have a distinct idea of how you’d like to liven up your instructions or brochures with illustrations? Or do you want to graphically depict repetitive hand movements in your documentation?

If so, you should think about using illustrations. Our graphic artists would be happy to create expressive illustrations from your photographs or CAD data.

Do you lack the capacity to keep reprinting your documentation after every little change? Perhaps your printers can’t handle, bind, punch, or sort large volumes of paper?

We would be happy to take care of this for you, incl. posting via DHL, Hermes, UPS anywhere in the world.

CE software & Academy



Comprehensive help materials and templates are also included in our CE-CON Safety CE software.

You can easily document your descriptions, for instance, by attaching photos or files. Multiple users access one data stock. This allows for clear and concise editing.

Please see the CE software page for further information on CE-CON Safety and the scope of services available.

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Are you looking for further training opportunities in the mechanical engineering field?

Then take advantage of our academy training package. Training opportunities available in course format, in-house seminar or webinar participation. Choose the path to training that best suits your needs.

Extract of webinar topics: Operating instructions, SISTEMA, risk assessment, CE labelling.

Book a topic that suits you. Please see the Academy area for dates and further information on training content.

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