The way to CE Certification

CE marking

The process of CE marking is the manufacturer’s own responsibility provided no designated body is required for assessment. CE marking must then be affixed to the product before first entering the market.

If you are unsure about the fastest and most efficient route to achieving CE marking, you can get in touch with us at any time. We’d be happy to assist you whatever your concerns!

CE marking services

Areas of application

As a specialist in the area of machine safety, CE marking and CE certification, we are very much at home when it comes to the world of machinery. We support and assist manufacturers and operators in the following areas:

Machinery directive

Whether involving CE marking for mechanical engineering or safety for machine operation, we support you from the process of risk assessment to declarations of conformity and assist you in efficiently implementing the requirements of the machinery directive.

[Guideline for download]

Explosion protection labelling

The ATEX guidelines describe the requirements governing the operation of systems in a potentially explosive area. We assist you in this respect in the analysis of ignition sources and the creation of explosion protection documentation.

[Guideline for download]


The EMC directive (electromagnetic compatibility) defines specific limit values for all electrical devices depending on their area of application. We provide expert advice and assist you in creating inspection records for necessary measurements.

[Guideline for download]

Low voltage directive

CE marking must be applied to electrical devices that come under the low voltage directive. We are your partners in creating the necessary risk assessment and technical documentation.

[Guideline for download]

Current Whitepapers

CE Kennzeichnung Maschinenlebenszyklus

Machine life cycle

Machine life cycle: all-round safety – for full service life

The life cycle of a machine means the period of time from its initial manufacture to its scrappage. This white paper tells you how to comply with the various requirements stipulated by legislative bodies to ensure the exclusion of potential hazards to persons and the environment from a machine throughout the full period.

[Download white paper: machine life cycle]

CE Kennzeichnung; EG Erklärung; software technische dokumenntation

EC declaration of conformity

EC declaration of conformity according to the machinery directive

This white paper supports you in creating an EC declaration of conformity according to the machinery directive. Clarity giving content and details on the CE certification process tell you what you need to be aware of.

[Download white paper: EC declaration of conformity]

Das Webinar zur Risikobeurteilung ist die perfekte Schulung um eine Übersicht über das Thema zu bekommen.

CE marking steps

CE marking procedure

In this white paper, we present the steps specified by the EU to successfully perform CE marking in clear and concise detail. The document is particularly helpful if you are active in the mechanical engineering industry.

[Download white paper: CE marking steps]

HSE; Home Safety Environment; Arbeitssicherheit; CE-CON

Hazard assessment in the age of Industry 4.0

Effect of new processes on occupational safety and health

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, but what really is it and what effect are changing production processes having on occupational safety and health? Our white paper on the topic explains the role this plays with respect to hazard assessment according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the resulting ramifications amongst other issues.

[Download white paper: Industry 4.0 hazard assessment]

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