Courses, seminars and webinars – for your advanced training in the area of CE marking

You can book a wide variety of training courses and further training opportunities on all aspects of “CE” as open events, in-house seminars or even webinars.

As part of our popular webinar series, we offer you a wealth of information on all aspects of machine safety and occupational safety and health. In our webinars, we teach you everything you need to know on a certain topic in no time. Become an expert quickly and effortlessly! You can book any webinar parts individually according to your needs. The following points cover the respective content.

Webinar zum Thema CE-Kennzeichnung

Operating instructions

In three separately bookable webinars, we address, amongst other things, general structure, the creation of target group-focussed instructions and potential pitfalls.


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Webinar zum Thema CE-Kennzeichnung


In five separately bookable webinars for the SISTEMA series, you are given an overview of software amongst other things. You will also learn how to produce standard 13849 with the support of SISTEMA and what to do in the case of missing data sets.

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Webinar zum Thema CE-Kennzeichnung

Risk assessment

In our three-part webinar series on the topic of risk assessment, you will learn how to minimise risk systematically. You will also gain the ability to identify when a risk has been sufficiently minimised.

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Webinar zum Thema CE-Kennzeichnung

Further webinars

We also offer webinars on the topics of essential modifications, maintenance, collectivity of machines, conversion, complete and incomplete machines and CE marking as additional CE training courses.

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Advanced training in mechanical engineering

Deepen knowledge and advance skills with CE-CON training

CE training courses take place several times a year on machine safety. Participants gain a full overview of the topic by approaching the material from a range of perspectives.

CE marking, risk assessment and technical documentation are handled not simply selectively but by way of a holistic approach encompassing machine safety and personnel protection.

CE representative

Experience tells us that companies would be well advised to appoint a competent individual to be responsible for adherence to the statutory requirements governing CE marking. Following the course, you will be able to establish a legally compliant and cost-effective management system in your company that satisfies the requirements governing the supply of machinery in the European single market.

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Functional safety engineer

In this further training, we impart well-grounded knowledge in the area of risk assessment in mechanical engineering. This means that in addition to legal principles with respect to machine safety (EU and international), you also learn how to produce a standard-compliant risk assessment tailored to your requirements, when a conversion is considered an essential modification, how you validate the requirements of functional safety and much more.


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Compact seminars

Familiarise yourself with our compact seminars “Compact CE marking” and “Compact machine safety“.

In this one-day workshop, we teach you fundamental knowledge on the topic of CE marking and machine safety. In particular, we therefore offer new starters and those changing roles the opportunity to acquire an overview of the topic quickly and easily.

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Specialist seminars

In our “Sistema user training” and “CE-CON Safety user training” specialist seminars, we give you more in-depth knowledge on these topics.

These workshops are suitable in particular for those who already possess a degree of specialist knowledge on CE marking and simply want to broaden or increase their understanding.


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In-house training courses

Tailored CE marking training

We would be happy to put together a training package tailored to your interests, e.g. on the topics of safety, product liability, CE coordination, operational safety or explosion protection.

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CE software & Academy



Alongside expert advice, our CE software guides you confidently through the CE marking process. From risk assessment to CE marking itself, the application supports you as a machine manufacturer, operator or service provider in your day-to-day work.

CE-CON Safety guides you through the stages of CE marking with simple and intuitive operation. You can access the software from anywhere in the world. The multi-user system is suitable for small as well as large operators with multiple users.

Please see our Software page for more information on the CE-CON Safety CE solution.

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CE Software accompanies you through the process of CE certification. If you have specific questions on the topic, these are best discussed in a consultancy appointment..

CE consultancy topics in the field of machine engineering include for instance risk assessment, suitable safety concepts with safeguarding functions and technical documentation.

Please see the “Consultancy” area for information on the industries and sectors that our consultancy and support services extend to as well as for plenty of other information on our services.


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