Risk assessment I – III

All webinars take approx. 30 minutes. You will have 10 to 15 minutes afterwards for questions and to discuss content.

When it comes to risk assessment, a lot depends on the creator’s level of specialist knowledge in the areas of technical safety and standards. To enable you to confidently work through the risk assessment process, the webinars offer you plenty of assistance.

All of our webinars can be booked individually according to your preferences.

Risk assessment I


  • Overview of risk assessment
  • Individual steps of risk assessment
  • Documentation of steps
  • Assessment of risks in practice



Risk assessment II


  • Overview of various systems for creating risk assessments
  • Approach to the structured description of the process
  • Implementing measures to prevent injuries when using products
  • Overview of the application of systems

Risk assessment III


  • When is a risk sufficiently minimised?
  • General discussion of issue
  • Practical relevance: Presentation of simple examples

Risk assessment I-III

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