Holistic approach of CE-CON

CE marking according to the machinery directive

We look upon CE marking not just from the perspective of the manufacturer. On closer inspection, it quickly becomes apparent how extensive the scope of CE actually is.

CE marking according to the machinery directive also applies to operators of machines, e.g. when performing conversions that result in additional risk. In such cases, this can constitute a significant modification, necessitating renewed CE marking.

Furthermore, we view the topic of hazard assessment according to German industrial safety legislation as very much a part of our work.

It is not a critical consideration in this respect whether the CE conformity assessment is a one-off process performed by the manufacturer or a regular repetitive hazard assessment by an operator of machines. The risks are the same.


CE certification for machine operators

CE marking when converting existing systems and machines

The integration and conversion of machines in existing systems can interfere in the processes of the existing systems to such an extent that a significant modification should often be the assumed outcome, including with respect to CE making. This can be determined as early as the planning phase.

The early initiation of the CE certification procedure consequently ensures that all safety relevant protective measures can be performed as early as the implementation phase.

This not only results in a considerable reduction of initial cost estimates.

Above all, it gives companies the certainty of having done everything that can for their employees’ safety, which ultimately is the express objective of CE marking.

CE certification for machine manufacturers

What you must be mindful of as a manufacturer of machines

When new machines or systems are commissioned, CE marking in accordance with the technical minimum safety requirements of the EC machinery directive is required. This must be considered as early as the procurement stage. As a manufacturer, therefore, you are obligated to include certain things with any newly supplied machine or system:

  • A name plate,
  • A CE label according to the machinery directive,
  • A declaration of conformity in one of the official languages of the European Union and
  • An operating manual including all hazard warnings or labels for actuators and control elements.

Focus industries

CE marking for new systems and machines

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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a traditional engineering science and comprises the development, construction and production of machines and machine parts.

Safe solutions for mechanical engineering are our passion. This can include power machines, operating machinery, machine tools, conveyor technologies and vehicle systems.

CE-Kennzeichnung Maschine


Our strengths in the aluminium industry: extrusion press lines and all associated assemblies as well as casting, powder-coating and electrolytic oxidation systems.

We ensure high safety in the steel and aluminium industry. Safety requirements in this industry have been heightened in recent years. We understand the full picture.

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Food industry

The food sector includes machinery and systems for food production for human and animal consumption as well as the associated packaging systems.

New product launches often result in new machines having to be procured or refitted in the food industry. Your machine safety is our concern!

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The automotive field comprises all areas of the automotive industry, making it the largest sector in the processing field.

We have in-depth knowledge of the individual production stages in global automotive manufacturing. We understand how requirements on machine safety are efficiently integrated, to ensure the high availability of your systems.

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