EC declaration

Declaration of conformity & CE labelling for safe machines

The certification procedure to attain CE labelling is costly and runs according to clearly defined work sequences. On the one hand, an EC installation declaration can be issued for non-production-ready “incomplete” machines and systems. On the other, the CE symbol can be attached as a result of an EC declaration of conformity signed with legal effect. In terms of the procedure, it doesn’t matter which option is involved. The process is identical in either case. Essentially therefore, any EC declaration serves as confirmation of conformity for both complete and incomplete machines.

CE labelling is necessary not just for individual machines, but where machines are linked or converted too.

Developing the right safety strategy can be costly. Even creating the mandatory documentation is time consuming and laborious, especially when it’s not something you’re use to doing or what you focus on.

We essentially distinguish between two types of machine: An incomplete machine is supplied with an installation declaration and does not perform a specific function in and of itself.

A complete machine on the other hand is fully functional with respect to its intended usage, requiring only connection to a power supply. It is recognisable by its permanently attached CE symbol and issued EC declaration of conformity.

When it comes to linking incomplete machines with an existing CE-labelled machine, it is important to check whether such linking constitutes significant modifications to the machine as a whole.

If so, the CE certification procedure must be re-performed for the entire machine or system. If the merging of machinery does not result in significant modifications, it is sufficient to assess the risks at the interfaces and to extend the technical documentation accordingly to include the corresponding text passages. Often, however, the correct classification of machinespresents significant hurdles in itself.

Whether an installation declaration or declaration of conformity – we’ll help you put the necessary documentation together until the EC declaration is signed.

Please consult our free white paper for more information on the topic of EC declarations of conformity:

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