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Risk assessment is the targeted examination of products. The aim is to identify hazards and possible degrees of injuries. The identified hazards result in measures that should adequately minimize the risk.

Mr. Handwerk, Managing Director of CE-CON GmbH, provides us with a small foretaste on the subject of risk assessment. From the risk of an individual to the manufacturers of products. Learn how damage can be avoided right from the start.

Our services regarding Risk assessment

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The all-round carefree package

Our holistic approach closes the gap between CE marking and occupational safety.  We approach the topic with a great deal of expertise and propose feasible solutions. So that there is no danger from your products any more.

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Risk assessment for machinery

We are happy to support you in the preparation of legally compliant risk assessments for machines in accordance with the Machinery Directive. This is done with the use of EN ISO 12100:2010. We identify danger points, determine the resulting risk and then show you possible risk mitigation measures.

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Performance Level Calculation

The EN ISO 13849-1 standard describes the procedure for quantifying hazards and determining the performance level (PLr) for safety functions. The second part of the EN ISO 13849 standard specifies how the performance level required is calculated and validated in the risk assessment for each control measure.

We will be happy to advise you on everything from component selection to the creation of circuit diagrams for your pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical control components and safety functions.

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Risk assessment in the age of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips, but what does that actually mean and how do the changes in production processes affect occupational safety? Our whitepaper on this topic shows you, among other things, the role and consequences of this topic in relation to risk assessment according to the Industrial Safety Ordinance.