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Operational safety and health – HSE

HSE stands for Health Safety and Environment.

For industrial companies in particular, it is becoming increasingly important to adhere to requirements governing protection of health and the environment and occupational safety and health.

For this reason, we provide expert assistance in the planning, implementation, controlling and optimisation of operational processes in the areas of health protection, occupational safety and health and environmental management.

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Arbeitssicherheit mit LOTO


What does LOTO stand for?

Lock Out Tag Out – LOTO for short – originates in the US and refers to the safe shutting off of all power sources posing a risk. It involves reactivation blocks, e.g. when performing maintenance work on machines.

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Technical safety assessment

What is a “technical safety assessment”?

Employers are obligated to ensure that no hazards can be posed by working equipment. A technical safety assessment shows whether a machine technically complies with necessary requirements.

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Occupational safety and health

What does occupational safety and health mean?

Employers must deal with the issue of occupational safety and health in the workplace and pay due regard to any existing hazards. Hazard assessment is taken into account in the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.

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