CE Marking

“The CE-CON Principle”

From initial advice on CE marking to signing of the EC declaration of conformity – we support you across all process stages. Machine safety has never been so easy – that’s what CE-CON is all about.

A comprehensive range of course and webinar offers on CE marking are available in our Academy , ensuring you’re always kept up-to-date.

Our CE-CON Safety software completes our offering. Our great value software packages are also based on a holistic approach. You receive, for example, licences in conjunction with consultancy services at a fixed price or great value subscription offers. Just take a look.

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CE Marking

Our Services delivered as part of CE Certification

We provide support for risk assessment, creating a safety concept and for all issues relating to technical documentation. We also offer you additional CE services.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment comprises the analysis and recording of hazards posed by a product as well as their origins. In particular, it is about assessing residual risk and developing protective measures to minimise risk.

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Technical Documentation

Technical documentation comprises all legally required documents that describe a technical product to ensure its safe operation. Content for CE marking is systematically prepared and structured.

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Safety Concept

When it comes to users and operators, the safe use of machinery is the principle focus. The prompt creation of a suitable safety concept including specifically designed protective functions makes a viable contribution to increasing functional safety.

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CE Services

Once CE certification is complete, further services are still required. This includes preparation of technical documentation with photography, illustrations and signage or technical translation.

Occupational safety and health (HSE)

Health Safety Environment

For industrial companies, HSE management is becoming increasingly important, particularly when it comes to adhering to requirements around health, operational safety and the environment.

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Employers are obliged to ensure that work equipment does not pose a threat. Whether the machine meets technically necessary requirements is evaluated in a safety assessment.

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Current Whitepaper

CE Kennzeichnung; EG Erklärung; software technische dokumenntation

EC declaration of conformity

EC declaration of conformity according to the machinery directive

This white paper supports you in creating an EC declaration of conformity according to the machinery directive. Clarity giving content and details on the CE certification process tell you what you need to be aware of.

[Download white paper: EC declaration of conformity]

CE Kennzeichnung Maschinenlebenszyklus

Machine life cycle

Machine life cycle: all-round safety – for full service life

The life cycle of a machine means the period of time from its initial manufacture to its scrappage. This white paper tells you how to comply with the various requirements stipulated by legislative bodies to ensure the exclusion of potential hazards to persons and the environment from a machine throughout the full period.

[Download white paper: machine life cycle]

Das Webinar zur Risikobeurteilung ist die perfekte Schulung um eine Übersicht über das Thema zu bekommen.

CE marking for machines

CE marking in 8 steps

In this white paper, we present the steps specified by the EU to successfully perform CE marking in clear and concise detail. The document is particularly helpful if you are active in the mechanical engineering industry.

[Download white paper: CE-Marking steps]

CE-CON Arbeitssicherheit HSE Home Safety Environment

Hazard assessment in the age of Industry 4.0

Effect of new processes on occupational safety and health

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, but what really is it and what effect are changing production processes having on occupational safety and health? Our white paper on the topic explains the role this plays with respect to hazard assessment according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the resulting ramifications amongst other issues.

[Download white paper: Industry 4.0 hazard assessment]


The current issue of trade journal “Konstruktionspraxis” includes our article about simplifying technical documentation via CE-CON Safety. Click here to access the article.

The trade journal “Technical Safety” includes our contribution on the topic of “Access controls – Security concepts for the various life phases of a machine”. Find out more here.

Our editorial contribution on the topic of “Simple certification” appears in trade magazine “IT & Production”, July/August 2017 issue.

The latest issue of “A&D Automation & Drivers” focussing on “advancing automation” includes an editorial contribution on the topic of “Simplifying CE certification”. Learn how risk assessment can be easily performed with our cloud solution. Read all about it!

Our editorial contribution on the topic of CE labelling within the scope of Industry 4.0 appears in trade journal “VDI-Z Integrated Production”, June 2017 issue.

Trade magazine “Technical Safety” includes a new article on the topic of maintenance safeguards on machinery, dealing with the Lock Out Tag Out approach. Read more here.

The current issue of trade journal “Machines + Tools” includes an article of ours dealing with occupational safety and health within the scope of Industry 4.0. Click here to access the article

We are hugely elated to have been chosen as Germany-wide winner of the IHK WeGoDigital award in the area of mechanical engineering! The awards ceremony was held on 15 June 2017 in Berlin.

Trade magazine “Industrial Automation” includes an article of ours on the topic of “Software solution for CE labelling in six steps”. We would be happy to provide further information on this topic.

The May issue of the industry magazine of IHK Schwaben “Bavarian/Swabian Industry” includes an article on proper CE labelling and what business owners need to be mindful of. Click here to access the article.

The latest issue of trade magazine “Der Betriebsleiter” includes an article by us on functional safety. Worth a click.

Our trade article on risk assessment for machinery according to the machinery directive appears in the Hanover Trade Fair issue of trade magazine “Industrial Automation“. Click here to access the article.

Our editorial contribution on the topic of hazard assessment in the age of Industry 4.0 appears in the trade journal “Technical Safety“, April 2017 issue. For further information, click here. Our white paper on the topic is also available to download.

CLEVER is out! CE-CON Safety is the CE solution for a simple CE certification process. See our CE software page for more information.

EMC act modified to national law with introduction of EMC directive 2014/30/EU.

European guidelines for machinery directive 2006/42/EC – currently undergoing revision.

Current event information

17. June

Schulung CE-Beauftragter Bremen

Erlernen Sie in nur drei Tagen das nötige Grundwissen zum Thema “CE-Kennzeichnung” und werden zum CE-Beauftragten in Ihrem Unternehmen.

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8. July

Schulung CE-Beauftragter Augsburg

Erlernen Sie in nur drei Tagen das nötige Grundwissen zum Thema “CE-Kennzeichnung” und werden zum CE-Beauftragten in Ihrem Unternehmen.

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22. July

Seminar Functional Safety Engineer Augsburg

Werden Sie in zwei Tagen zum Experten für Maschinensicherheit. Nach Absolvieren unseres Seminars erhalten Sie das Zertifikat „Experte Maschinensicherheit“.

zum Seminar

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