International Conformity in a factory

International conformity – the US market has its own unique rules

The EC Declaration of Conformity is based on the applicable European law. If a company moves outside the EU, it is important to review directives on international conformity. Essential differences quickly become apparent, for example by examining the US market.

Caution is advised before placing your products on the US market. The regulations that apply in the USA are not the same as those in Europe.  Nevertheless, it is imperative that both the operator and the manufacturer comply with the applicable regulations on occupational safety and machine safety abroad. We know that it is not easy to be familiar with all applicable standards and directives. That is why we support you in all aspects of safe commissioning or provision of machines on the US market.

The OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – is the authority responsible for occupational safety in most states of the USA. The OSHA 29 CFR 1910 (Occupational Safety and Health Standards) set by the OSHA define the applicable directives for occupational safety in the USA. Their standards determine the conformity of machinery on the US market.

According to OSHA, some product types require some form of certification to comply with the standards defined by OSHA. This certification is performed by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). A machine is only safe if it has passed the test performed by a verified NRTL and received the appropriate test mark.

UKCA marking for Great Britain

International conformity for machines

After Brexit, the CE mark will also lose its validity in Great Britain. It will be succeeded by the UKCA mark (UK Conformity Assessed). It can be seen as a counterpart to the CE mark. Both markings indicate product safety. However, some of the requirements for the UKCA marking are different from those for the CE marking. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the marking if goods or products are to be traded between the UK and the EU.

As specialists in product compliance, we know that the topic can seem very opaque, so we are happy to support you and check your documents or take over the entire product testing and labeling for you!