Powerful cloud-based software solution for fast EN ISO 12100 risk assessments that provide legal certainty


The conformity assessment procedure for CE marking is very complex and involves a clearly defined sequence of steps. Our CE-CON Safety software solution simplifies the procedure and provides you with optimal support on the way to your CE marking with extensive help tools and customised templates.

The CE software can be used for various types of products (e.g. machines, systems, conveyor belts, etc.). In addition, CE-CON Safety is also suitable for the declaration of conformity for global markets because the risk assessment meets the international standard. As there is no complicated installation, CE-CON Safety enables you to work on a network anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its multi-user functionality and multilingual capability, our CE software is ideal for large companies with locations at home and abroad.

CE-CON Safety has been simplifying CE marking since 2008!


With more than 20 years of experience, our customers trust us and see us as an experienced, competent partner for machine and plant safety. Our software CE-CON Safety enables you to risk-assess your products to EN ISO 12100, reduce your liability risk and save valuable time when it comes to the conformity assessment procedure.

Free introductory webinars

Every Friday at 10:00 a.m., we hold a free familiarisation webinar on the CE-CON Safety software. The webinar gives you an overview of the various functions and tips and tricks. You’ll also get a heads up on upcoming upgrades.

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Functional examples

Our software CE-CON Safety provides a wide range of features. Even in the trial version of CE-CON Safety you have the opportunity to access the whole range of these features in the software. Just give it a try and get your free trial now!

Risk assessment system

The risk assessment in CE-CON Safety is created based on the international standard ISO 12100:2010. Two different systems are currently available for the evaluation of risks. One is the tried and tested system that we adopted from the predecessor to CE-CON Safety (Clever Risk Assessment). The other is the internationally renowned and widely distributed system of Hazard Rating Numbers (HRN). You can choose which you would rather work with.

Measure type

We have already predefined many measure types for you and defined some useful input fields. For example, for the type “light grid”, you will find fields for the distance to the danger area and the after-run time. This information helps you to make your risk assessment as complete as possible.

Multi-user System

CE-CON Safety enables multiple users to easily work on the same project at the same time in the system. This considerably reduces the time required for creating risk assessments and generates synergies.

Multilingual capability

CE-CON Safety offers a multilingual, user-friendly interface. With no extra effort, you can, for example, print your documents in multiple languages or save projects in multiple languages.

Product history

It must be possible to track changes when products are changed. The CE software offers you a straightforward method of tracking with separation of product and project, to provide a transparent overview of your product history. You will always be able to check when and where any changes have been made.

Standards and other regulations

Standards are protected documents, and therefore we cannot provide you with content at any point. But we do keep the lists of European and harmonised standards integrated in CE-CON Safety up to date at all times. We also offer a list of data for a selection of important international (ISO) standards and other regulations (e.g. ANSI, NFPA, OSHA).

Help functions

In addition to numerous additional short help texts, which appear over the individual fields when moving the mouse, a user manual is also available online. On some pages, it is also possible to display direct help offering many helpful tips. These help texts, and also our support service, can of course be accessed from within CE-CON Safety.


CE-CON Safety is a software solution that is provided over the Internet. This German Cloud solution is also described as “software as a service“. For you, this means that you can use the software directly with no installation required. No hidden costs! You can access and use CE-CON Safety via an Internet browser wherever you are in the world. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

System maintenance

Your tasks are already diverse enough. CE-CON Safety is intended to support you in your day-to-day work. You use the software – and we deal with all the maintenance and related systems. Your dashboard provides you with information when we have made any changes.

System updates

Lists of standards, guidelines, and other important information is changing constantly. We are therefore continually working on helpful enhancements for CE-CON Safety. This service is provided free of charge! You simply receive information via your dashboard that we have installed an update, and which improvements or changes this resulted in.


To ensure you are working to the latest legal status, our compliance managers are continually researching for new developments. When changes are made, you are informed immediately on the dashboard, and a corresponding update is prepared.


The software is developed with the use of the latest technology, and therefore offers a future-proof platform for the many enhancements that are already in development for you.

Data protection and security

Security is a top priority at CE-CON. CE-CON Safety is operated in a computing centre in Bremen with an energy supply and cooling system protected by a back-up emergency diesel generator. The computing centre is redundantly connected to the fibre optic network with 24/7 monitoring. In terms of data protection and security, CE-CON guarantees that all requirements are complied with. The data saved in the software belongs to the users and is protected by encrypted access (SSL). Backups are created at regular intervals and are even stored in separate physical compartments.

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