Operator or manufacturer? – Technical safety assessment on either side

CE-Beauftragter, CE-Kennzeichnung

A targeted technical safety assessment allows us as an independent service provider to determine whether the condition of your machinery delivers a maximum degree of protection for your staff and thus satisfies applicable laws or whether subsequent improvements are necessary.

Furthermore, we protect you from legal ramifications. We help you to pre-emptively define interfaces or to create safety concepts and thus to avoid unnecessary discussions with your clients, to reduce costs and to strengthen your position!

Maschine operator

By carrying out a technical safety assessment, you as the machine operator comply with the legal obligation to protect employees from hazards arising from machines and work equipment.

No matter whether it is a single, separately installed machine or an interlinked machine. You can obtain concrete information on what can be done to enable your employees to work safely and without risk in guidelines, standards and laws.

Maschine manufacturer

As a manufacturer, a technical safety assessment can be applied in various scenarios. For example, if you modify / extend machines or have the order to replace a plant that is already linked to other machines. In either case, the first question to be clarified is whether this is a ” substantial modification” and whether your machine safety is therefore impaired.

An analysis of the existing machines is absolutely necessary. In this way, it is possible to define the interfaces and adjoining plants in order to specify a tailored safety concept for your scope of supply.

This often involves maintaining an existing CE marking or issuing a new one. This applies to all interlinked plants that are outside your scope of supply but are connected to your machine via an interface.

Our services regarding Technical safety assessment

  • Analysis of machines with regard to safety loopholes
  • Assessment of existing risk
  • Verification of compliance with legal requirements
  • Preparation of recommendations for the improvement of safety loopholes
  • Training of your employees
  • Accompaniment of the process from analysis to implementation

Advantages with CE-CON

  • Protection of your employees by minimizing risks
  • Minimizing liability risks by fulfilling legal requirements
  • Synergies for similar machines across various locations