Technische Dokumentation

What is considered Technical Documentation?

To prevent slowing down market placement due to an an incomplete manual, we offer our support with technical documentation. Here we distinguish between two kinds:


Internal technical documentation

Internal documentation covers a collection of all schematics, technical drawings, test protocols, functional specification documents, calculations, verification of quality assurance and results of risk assessment. Simply all documents of a product/machine over its complete life cycle. These documents remain with the manufacturer and must be available on request.

External technical documentation

External documentation contains all information issued to the customer, such as instruction manuals, assembly instructions, warnings and safety data sheets. The information must be adjusted to the target group and to the surrounding circumstances. Next to guidelines from valid directives, standards and country-specific exceptions also play a big role in the creation of external documentations.

Our services regarding Technical Documentation

Examination of existing documentations

You already have existing manuals, but are not sure about their completeness? In that case we can conduct a documentation check and examine the critical parts step by step. We thereby not only look at the compliance of standards but also at the design and structure of the texts, for even a wrong font size or an incomplete warning could lead to personal damage in the worst case. Upon request we can also check if your texts are written translation-oriented or if there is potential for optimization to save translation costs.

Training of employees

And if you plan on creating your external documentation yourself, we can get you there safely with seminars and inhouse trainings. Together we can work through rules of formulation, requirements and structure of chapters. Additionally we can check if modern means, such as content management systems or interactive technical documentations on mobile devices, are attractive and appropriate for your company. Let your staff be prepared by experienced technical editors for your technical documentation.

Creating instruction manuals

We can create a standard-compliant instruction manual for you, with consideration of the latest state of technology, such as DIN EN 82079 or ANSI Z535. We hereby conduct research on your site or, for smaller projects, conduct research interviews on the phone with your contact partners. Based on designs, valid standards, documentation of supply and the risk assessments we will create manuals valid for the whole life cycle.