Objective of the training


Unlike for CE representatives, the objective of the training “Functional Safety Engineer” is to teach you well-founded knowledge in the area of risk assessment in mechanical engineering. Alongside statutory machine safety principles(EU and international) you will be taught standard-compliant risk assessment tailored to your needs. You will also learn when a conversion constitutes a significant alteration and how you validate the requirements of functional safety. The course focus in this respect is on the standard-compliant safeguarding of machines for the prevention of personal injury, environmental and material damage.

The training course for qualification as a “functional safety engineer” comprises parts “Machine safety I+II”, which build on one another and provide comprehensive knowledge for day to day workings in the project and construction process.


Please notice that our trainings and seminars in english language are only offered as in-house courses. We ask you to contact us for individual offers.

Content of the training

The three-day training course “Functional Safety Engineer” focuses on the practical implementation of safety goals and acquiring the entire risk assessment process. The event consists of 3 modules in which many examples are worked on.

Module 1:

  • Location-dependent laws and standards (Europe => CE)
  • Standards as a Basis
  • Choice of protection (selection of suitable procedures)
  • Supporting standards
  • General requirements
  • Best Practice

Module 2:

  • Fixed and movable guards
  • Design of safety-related parts of control systems (functional safety – SRP / CS)
  • Use of special types of SRP / CS

Module 3:

  • SISTEMA Introduction
  • Validation of PLr with SISTEMA
  • Summary, questions and practical training
  • Final examination


From practice, for practice. Our experienced experts will answer all of your questions on risk management in mechanical engineering. Having completed the 3-day training course, you will be capable of performing legally compliant and efficient risk assessments that provide a level of protection suitable for the global market.

You will also extend your knowledge of certification procedures in international markets. The course content taught will simplify your day to day work sustainably.

Course completion

After successful participation in the training “Functional Safety Engineer” you will receive a corresponding certificate of participation.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take a final examination directly after completing training days. No additional costs will be charged for the examination; these are already included in the registration fee.  After successfully passing the exam, you will receive the “Functional Safety Engineer” certificate.

Requirements for participation

CE-Beauftragter, CE-Kennzeichnung

The training course has been specially developed by mechanical engineering experts for personnel in the following departments:

  • CE coordinators, CE managers, CE officers
  • Project management
  • Maintenance
  • Designers (mechanical engineering and electrical engineering)

Are you interested in the training course but don’t belong to any of the groups listed? Does your day to day work nonetheless require skills and knowledge of the topic? If so we would of course be happy to welcome you on board.