Online help for CE-CON Safety

With CE-CON Safety, you can create your compliant risk assessment and successfully complete the certification process with ease. To achieve this goal without the need to pay more, we offer a variety of helpful tools, making CE-CON Safety much easier for you to use.

If you cannot find the solution for your problem in the software or in the FAQs below, you are welcome to contact our Support team at any time.

Online support

Tell us about your problem!
Can’t find the solution to your problem in the software or in the FAQ below? Contact our support team at any time.
Make a request and describe your problem so that we can reproduce your problem. The support team will deal with your request promptly.


A wealth of help functions, tutorials and the comprehensive user manual support you while you work. However, we are also happy to train you according to your individual needs. You can find more information through the CE-CON Academy.

You will find answers to your questions in the clear Help section and in the online user manual. In addition, our Support team can be contacted via email. You will receive a reply no later than the following working day.

All documents are generated as PDFs online. This arrangement allows you to save and print the documents, as with other common programs. If you prefer a different format, please contact our Support team.

At the moment, the user interface and printable documents are available in German, English, Japanese, Chinese, and French. There is no access restriction based on country.

Yes, several people can work on your projects, on the condition that these people have valid access information. The number of users who can work with the CE software at the same time is dependent on the licenses acquired.

Yes, after completing the test phase and switching to a registered license you can continue to use the information. All projects created and data entered are fully accessible for you.

Yes, since the last update, users have the opportunity to implement their own Logo and CI in the reports.

You are able to generate all documents for your projects and save them locally as a PDF, allowing you to access the documents offline.

You need a web-enabled terminal. There are no other prerequisites. To enable convenient operation, we recommend a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 800 pixels.

The CE software is a system-independent online software. You just need to choose an established browser. This could be a current version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

None at all. As this is an online software, there is no need to install the CE software on your computer. You receive your access data by email, log in online via your browser and then start the system.

Our content managers research legal modifications and new publications every day. These sources are entered directly into the CE software. We guarantee that the standards and guidelines will be up to date on any given day.

Bug fixes, improvements and suggestions from users of the CE software will be made available at varying intervals as updates. You do not need to do anything. We will keep you informed about the time and scope of the particular update.

Tool tips, online help and user manual

If, in certain input windows, CE-CON Safety requests particular information from you, you will also be given background information on the expected content. In some cases, you will see suggestions for a possible entry. Online help is available on many pages and opens when you click the question mark.

The comprehensive software user manual is available online at any time and can be opened using a button in the main menu.