CE-CON Safety has a lot to offer

Our software CE-CON Safety provides a wide range of features. Even in the trial version of CE-CON Safety you have the opportunity to access the whole range of these features in the software. Just give it a try and get your free trial now!

Functional examples

The risk assessment in CE-CON Safety is created based on the international standard ISO 12100:2010. Two different systems are currently available for the evaluation of risks. One is the tried and tested system that we adopted from the predecessor to CE-CON Safety (Clever Risk Assessment). The other is the internationally renowned and widely distributed system of Hazard Rating Numbers (HRN). You can choose which you would rather work with.

CE-CON Safety is a software solution that is provided over the Internet. This German Cloud solution is also described as ``software as a service``. For you, this means that you can use the software directly with no installation required. No hidden costs! You can access and use CE-CON Safety via an Internet browser wherever you are in the world. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.