CE Representative: Become an expert on the topic of CE marking!


There is plenty to be aware of in mechanical and system engineering when it comes to ultimately staying safe: Production machines are procured, extended or remodelled and machines newly designed and built.

The complexity of the “CE” topic shows just how useful it can be in day to day operations to have at least one individual with a comprehensive working knowledge in an established post to attend to legal concerns. Job titles for this role are now common in companies. In addition to the titles CE representative, CE manager, CE inspector and compliance manager, the designation CE coordinator best describes the role. Such an individual, however, is not tasked with the performance of risk assessments or the compilation of technical documentation, but in fact with adherence to the stages of the CE process, its quality and legal compliance.

The task of establishing an organisation, keeping it running and ensuring that all requirements are duly met is certainly a big undertaking.
As a CE representative, you need organisational talent, the ability to get things done and, in addition, the ability to clearly communicate information.

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Objective of the training


The objective of this one-week course is therefore to teach sound knowledge of CE marking. You will also learn how to establish a suitable organisation for your needs. You will study pointers for confident and effective communication with all those involved in the process.

Content of the training “CE Representative”

The week-long training course is split into five modules. Each module is divided in turn into several sections teaching legal and specific safety-related content. At the end of each day, the knowledge learned is reviewed in a short summary and using examples.

Module 1: Basic principles of CE marking

Module 2: Structure and components of CE management

Module 3: Internal and external communication

Module 4: Documentation – structure and tools

Module 5: Verification of process

Your benefits

After the course, you will be able to establish legally compliant and cost-effective CE management, fulfilling the requirements around the supply of machines in the European single market.

In addition to the process of risk assessment and the structure and content of technical documentation, you will also learn to use helpful software tools and useful communication methods. This will enable you to take necessary steps independently in your day to day activity and to focus on their fulfillment accordingly.

Furthermore, you will have internalised the process of CE marking and established your CE management practices such that you are always up to speed across projects. With the skills taught, none of the necessary steps will escape you and you will keep those involved fully up to date at all times. As such, the course content taught will make your day to day work that much easier now, and sustainably into the future.

Course completion

After successful participation in the training “CE representative” you will receive a corresponding certificate of participation.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take a final examination directly after completing training days. No additional costs will be charged for the examination; these are already included in the registration fee.  After successfully passing the exam, you will receive the “CE Representative” certificate.

Requirements for participation

CE-Beauftragter, CE-Kennzeichnung

The training course has been specially developed by mechanical engineering experts for personnel in the following departments:

  • Company management
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Project management
  • Maintenance
  • Designers (mechanical engineering and electrical engineering)
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Production systems

Are you interested in the training course but don’t belong to any of the groups listed? Does your day to day work nonetheless require skills and knowledge of the topic? If so we would of course be happy to welcome you on board.