CE Certification made easy

If there is a CE mark on a product or a machine it declares that the product satisfies the applicable requirements laid down in the harmonisation legislation of the European Union concerning its affixing. The CE mark is an administrative mark which documents that the product has been subjected to the regulations harmonized in the EU.

The process of CE marking is the manufacturer’s own responsibility provided no designated body is required for assessment. CE labelling must then be affixed to the product before first entering the market.

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CE Certification for machine manufacturers

If new machines or plants are put into operation, a CE marking in accordance with the minimum safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive is required. This must already be taken into account at the time of procurement. As a manufacturer, you are therefore obliged to deliver a number of items with the newly delivered machine or plant:

  • a type plate,
  • CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  • a Declaration of Conformity in one of the official languages of the European Union
  • an operating manual including all hazard warnings and labels for actuators and control elements

CE Certification for machine operators

The installation and modification of machines in existing plants affects the processes of existing plants to such an extent that a substantial change – also in the CE marking – must often be assumed. This can already be determined in the planning phase.

The early initiation of the CE Certification procedure therefore means that all safety-relevant protective measures can already be applied in the implementation phase. This does not only result in a reduction of the originally expected costs. Above all, it gives the company the certainty that it has done everything for the safety of its employees – and that is the declared aim of CE marking.

Manufacturer and operator

Our services regarding CE marking

Machinery directive

Whether involving CE marking for mechanical engineering or safety for machine operation, we support you from the process of risk assessment to the Declaration of Conformity. And we assist you in efficiently implementing the requirements of the machinery directive.

Explosion protection marking

The ATEX guidelines describe the requirements governing the operation of systems in a potentially explosive area. We assist you in this respect in the analysis of ignition sources and the creation of explosion protection documentation.


The EMC directive (electromagnetic compatibility) defines specific limit values for all electrical devices depending on their area of application. We provide expert advice and assist you in creating inspection records for necessary measurements.

Low voltage directive

CE marking must be applied to electrical devices that come under the low voltage directive. We are your partners in creating the necessary risk assessment and technical documentation.

Further information regarding the topic

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8 steps to CE marking

In our whitepaper “8 Steps to CE Marking” we show you in a clear and comprehensible way the steps that are prescribed by the EU to successfully carry out CE marking. This document is particularly helpful if you are active in the mechanical engineering sector.

ce marking concerns different types of industries


“Blue Guide”

The “Blue Guide” builds on the “Guide to the implementation of directives based on the New Approach and the Global Approach“. It reflects the modernisation brought to the legal framework in the past decade. It includes chapters about the obligations of economic operators or accreditation, or completely revised chapters such as those on standardisation or market surveillance and further more.

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CE Representative

There is plenty to be aware of in mechanical and system engineering when it comes to ultimately staying safe: Production machines are procured, extended or remodelled and machines newly designed and built. As a CE representative, you need organisational talent, the ability to get things done and, in addition, the ability to clearly communicate information.